Wealth Advisory for New Realities

Westcott Dyson Pte Ltd is a consultancy practice for British citizens living outside the United Kingdom.
We specialise in retirement design for British citizens, UK inheritance tax, and creative estate planning.


A New Era for Wealth Management

Established by a seasoned estate and retirement planning expert, Westcott Dyson distils three decades of insights and experience into wealth solutions for citizens of the United Kingdom. We advise clients on the complexities specific to British expatriates living abroad or expecting to return to the UK in the future.

As global events move in new and unexpected directions, making wise decisions about your financial future is only prudent. Westcott Dyson invests its engagements with exhaustive research, instinct borne of deep experience, and a commitment to maximising your wealth.


Retirement Planning

We frequently see these mistakes that can harm your retirement plan or create unforeseen challenges down the road when you are the least prepared to confront the unexpected.

If you have a will, it’s wrong

Maybe you have a will, but it was drafted incorrectly or not properly current. A blind survey conducted by the Solicitor Regulation Authority in the UK found that 25% of all wills written (including those written by a solicitor) are invalid, inadequate, or don’t reflect your intent.

Poor Asset Management

You are holding assets incorrectly, or they are not structured to maximise estate planning opportunities and tax efficiency. Some held assets avoid inheritance tax, but clients are often not informed about these asset options.

Improperly Structured Trusts

It’s wise to use a trust as part of your estate planning, but it is too common to find that it does not fit the purpose or is incorrect.

Life Insurance Wrongly Included in the Estate

People often use life insurance to pay UK inheritance tax liabilities and guarantee family protection. However, planners often neglect the critical step of setting up the insurance policy in trust. This oversight will result in the benefits being potentially taxed at 40%, adding needless tax and potential long delays in payment.

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Informed, Professional Advice

British expatriates often have misconceptions about the complex estate and inheritance tax rules. A common fallacy is that UK inheritance tax does not apply to long-term expatriates. This is usually incorrect: UK Domicile law means that you may not be subject to UK income tax while living abroad, but you are still subject to inheritance tax. You are subject to bad estate planning without current, accurate advice. Ill-informed advice has serious implications for your estate and family

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Smart Pension Decisions

Perhaps you’ve been advised to move your UK pensions abroad. There are definite benefits to moving a UK pension overseas in exceptional cases. However, this depends on where you move it to and, more importantly, what benefits you are giving up with your pension in the UK.
There are many different types of UK pensions and some with significant benefits and guarantees. We work with many clients who have been improperly advised by so-called international advisers to transfer their UK pension abroad. They are not qualified nor understand the intricate details of a UK pension. Clients have not received a balanced view of the pros and cons in these situations. Acting on advice informed by self-interest, clients transfer pensions abroad only to lose valuable benefits and protections — often reducing income guarantees, losing fee restrictions, and lowering their asset value in the bargain.
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